Hi! My name is Annie! Welcome to ManolosAndMinivans, which is a place where I can be completely raw about motherhood, fashion, home, travel and everything in between.

For starters, I must say I am no expert at any of the above topics, what I am an expert at is pursuing new passions. Since graduating college in 2004, I have worked in an insurance office, directed parks and recreation camps, been a nanny, an event planner, a graduate student, a kindergarten teacher, a reading interventionist, an ESL teacher, a spray tan company owner, a home decorator and designer, and a wanna be blogger. All while I have been a friend, sister, daughter, wife, a new mother, and now a mother of an 8 eight year old boy, Preston Boone, a 6 year old Girl Vivian Claire, a 4 year old girl Alexandra Josephine and 2 year old boy Grant Arthur. All while being an amazing, supportive and loving wife to Preston (just don’t ask him for his description of me, as I am not so sure they would match up.)

Thanks for following this journey while I navigate through life one mommy struggle and accomplishment at a time, all while wearing designer shoes and driving a minivan.

Truth: I own only 1 pair of Manolo Blahniks and drive a Honda Pilot.


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